Picture perfect wedding! From ocean views to the sun kissed orchards these two looked incredible! Thanks again for keeping your cool when we decide to "Literally" heat things up!


Em and Nate

My sister in law Emily married my good friend Nathanael on Gabriola Island BC.  So fun.

The Ferguson's

I have known Todd for many years.  We used to drive taxi together and I taught him how to play squash.  I was also was their wedding photographer, look how time flies!

Nick and Steph's future baby genius

I was visiting my friends Nick and Stephanie in San Francisco and I convinced them to let me take some photos of them and the baby bump at Ocean Beach.  

jamie pop's the question

My good friend Jamie came by the shop asking for some of my sage advice on getting married.  He had a plan for how he wanted to propose to his (now) fiance Deena.  I put him in touch with Shannon Munro  to get a custom engagement ring made and we set a day.  I wore a camouflage shirt, hid behind a rock and took these photos.   Congratulations you two!

PS.  Jamie, you owe me any wave I want all winter long.

Armstrong Wedding

The last time I checked Mary Jane was in grade 7.  Then all of a sudden her and her man Kyle are buying houses and getting married! The Lightwell team had a blast traveling up to Armstrong and shooting this wonderful wedding.   Armstrong is the coolest, you should check it out!

The Dagenais Clan could sell you anything.

Have you ever seen a better looking family?  If they where advertising domestic cars, life insurance or dandruff shampoo I would not care because I would buy all of it.

Small people get married too

My friends Lea and Jocelyn got married in Crofton BC, overlooking Saltspring Island.  Fun fact, together they are just over 10 feet tall!  That's Huge!  Seriously though, such a beautiful, heartfelt and laid back day.  Anyone who is getting hitched should get these guys advice on chilling way out on their wedding day.

Introducing Chris and Stacey Pieper

There is nothing more heart warming then when two adorable little families join together.  Chris and his two daughters and Stacey and her daughter became one big happy (and overwhelming female) family last weekend.  The wedding was held on the top of a mountain, overlooking Salmon Arm BC. 

The youth are in Love!

Evelyn and Ken.  Don't you just want to put these two in a snow globe and shake them when you are feeling sad? Boundless youthful exuberance was available free by the bucketful!

Taylor and Joël are getting Hitched!

I went to Montreal to visit some good friends who I grew up with.  Taylor told me that her and her man Joël are getting married, so I offered to take some photos.  They didn't want "engagement" photos, so I just took photos of them holding hands and laughing and stuff.  

Future boss men

Whenever the point is working I bring my camera along to get some shots of JR's heaviest locals. Don't maintain eye contact for too long or they will fight you.

Father and daughter

I dropped by my friend Todd's house and took some photos of him and his daughter.  Look at her cheeks....

The Wall's

The Wall family came in to the studio for some photos last week.  They have a long lost relative putting together a family album and they wanted some nice photos.  How and when did teenagers get so cool and stylish?

Winter wedding on Gabriola Island

My little sister in Law and her partner Vali got married on the water on the north end of Gabriola Island this winter.  It was an intimate, family only event with lots a laughs and lots of tears (I cried like a 7 year old girl).